Apparently, I am a tad Elizabethan

Your English is 86 percent Shakespearean.

Is this the Bard I see before me?


Above you see the verdict. I pulled a random couple of paragraphs from my current work in progress, “Rule Number One,” not, you might think. a work of much literary merit, and plunked the passage into this nifty little analyzer from the Oxford Dictionary. And . . . huh. Apparently I owe much of my language to the Bard of Avon, even when I am not trying for the highbrow.  I suspect if I plunked in some other bits, the percentage might be higher and other bits might be lower. This was just one random spot.

Wanna try for yourself? Oh, come on. You know you do.

How Shakespearean Are You Anyway?

A little self-promotion

I belong to Winston-Salem Writers and this organisation is producing a serial horror novel. A serial novel is one written by a group of writers. Each writer writes a chapter. There have been several fairly well-known serial novels published, in fact.

They asked me if I’d be willing to write a chapter for the W-S Writers Serial Horror Novel. Of course, I agreed. And it went live on the website. Mine is (for the moment) the most recent chapter, chapter six.

If you’re interested in a piece of my fiction writing, you can find it at Winston-Salem Writers Serial Horror Novel – Rady.