Upheaval in Today’s Publishing World

So it’s been forever and a week since I posted anything to this blog. Publishing has completely gone nuts in those years, if I may say so.

What do I mean? Well, Amazon self-publishing phenomenon Amanda Hocking decided to go traditional and signed a four-book deal with St. Martin’s Press. And almost on the same day, Barry Eisler turned down a $500,000 contract for two books to self-publish the books on Amazon.

The publishing world flipped sideways and hasn’t quit buzzing since. Unpublished writers snap at each other on blogs about whether or not self-publishing is legitimate and whether traditional publishing is dead. The venom spewed can be overwhelming.

Seems to me — also still mostly unpublished — so take it for what it’s worth, that there is room for more than one opinion, more than one option. I mean, would you want to eat only cherry topped cheesecake for the rest of your life, even if it is your favourite without ever having, say, chocolate cake again? Of course not.

There is room for us all, the self-published, the ebook, the paper book, the traditional published. Let’s just quit biting each other, shall we?

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  1. Kai says:

    I agree entirely!
    One of the things I’ve noticed about the sniping in the writing community is that those that are sniping are wasting their time when they could be writing. It’s sad really.

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