Fabulous Friday Flag-waving

Yo! Look here! See these links? They will take you to some of my favourite blogs and web sites. Blogs that deal, mostly, with writing, publishing, and marketing, but some that also touch on personal things. Some are new. Some are old.

Do they all share the same point of view? Oh, heck no! Some are very pro-self-publishing. Some are very pro-traditional publishing. Some take a middle path. Some don’t so much give a fig but are about the craft of writing or how not to let your head explode while you try to write.

They are all thought-provoking, entertaining, interesting, and occasionally blood-pressure-raising.
Sample ’em. Read a few in depth. Make some comments. Let your presence be known. It’s a big world with lots of room for divergent opinions.

Kristen Lamb’s Blog
Newbie’s Guide to Publishing
Pub Rants
Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent
Anne R. Allen’s Blog
Red Room, J. M. Cornwell
The Intern
What Not To Do As A Writer

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