A review of “Fugue” by J. Joseph Wright

Another review! This time it’s not a novel but rather a novella or novelette, "Fugue," by J. Joseph Wright. I should say right off that this novelette was a gift from Mr. Wright to me, no strings attached. I didn’t promise a good review in exchange for the novelette. I didn’t even promise a review at all.

"Fugue" is a very nicely done horror story, building to a disturbing conclusion. Mr. Wright starts the tension early and doesn’t let up. This is a thoroughly satisfying and thoroughly scary story.

As always, I won’t give much synopsis. That policy might be an especially good idea when reviewing a story like this one. Paul Smith has moved into a new apartment. He gradually seems to become obsessed with the couple in the next apartment, particularly the wife. Truly, if I tell you much more, I’ll spoil the story.

There are a few sentences that could benefit from another glance by an editor. There are a couple of places where the wrong word is used. These things happen, in traditionally published, professionally edited works as well as in indie works. I notice them and mention them. Are they enough to dampen my enthusiasm for this story? Not noticeably.

There were also a few places where I thought the writer had made some mistakes in POV (point of view). Later I realised that, no, what I’d thought were mistakes were Mr. Wright being twisty. I do so enjoy being wrong!

If you are in the mood for a very tense, nerve-rattling, lip-gnawing piece of horror fiction, "Fugue" is an excellent choice. I highly recommend it. I also look forward to reading more of Joseph Wright’s books. He has a real gift for story-telling.

Maybe don’t read this novella the first night after you’ve moved into a new apartment. Just sayin’.

This excellent horror read is available at Amazon for Kindle.

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