10 random things about me

I don’t usually post personal things here. I’ve been tagged and asked to tell ten random things about myself. So just this once . . . and I warn you, none of these things is particularly interesting.


1. I have two actual sons and one unofficially adopted son. 2/3 of those young men are currently served in the US military, one in the Army and one in the Air Force.

2. I’ve been writing stories in my head since I was old enough to put words together. I’ve been putting them on paper since I was old enough to hold a pencil. Except for a 15-year (more or less) period when I was too busy trying to make a living, get married, start a family, that sort of thing. And even then I was spinning tales in my head. I can’t help it.

3. I’ve been fascinated by dinosaurs since I was eight or nine years old and first read a couple of books by Roy Chapman Andrews. He was one of the first paleontologists into the Gobi Desert and the first to discover intact dinosaur eggs.

4. At one time or another I’ve had almost every hair colour known to nature. I’ve never done pink or purple (well, not intentionally anyway), but I’ve done blonde (from dark to golden to platinum), brunette ( from almost black to golden brown), red (from dark auburn to flaming copper). Now, owing to damage to my shoulders that limits my ability to hold my hands up in a controlled manner, I’ve had to go grey. Not thrilled.

5. My fantasy men are all Bad Boys: Spike, Damon Salvatore, Eric Northman, Mal Reynolds, Dean Winchester, Angelus (not Angel). But my real life man is a straight-arrow, good man. I’ve been married to him since 1976. I suppose it’s going to last.

6. I’m a rabid Washington Redskins fan. Even when they couldn’t beat the junior varsity team of Lower Badlandia State University.

7. I’m presently obsessed with Sweden and all things Swedish. Except for the food. I just can’t go there.

8. I probably read at least four or five books a week. Week in and week out. Thank goodness for my Kindle. Now I buy only about half as many physical books as I used to.

9. I’ve only recently taken up zombies. For years I couldn’t stand them. In the last couple of years, I’ve written a couple of zombie stories, I’ve watched a lot of zombie films, I’ve become happily addicted to “The Walking Dead,” and I have read a lot of zombie books.

10. I have been trying to write this for two hours. I HATE writing about myself. This is filler. I know. But it is just beyond me to think of a tenth thing. THE END. (whew)

2 Responses to “10 random things about me”

  1. *giggles* Goodness gracious you did it & I’m not dead nor have I had my hide tanned for it! Yet… o.O LOL! You knew I’d have to tag you just because you are, indeed, interesting & deplore writing actual bios as much as I do, if not more. 😉 Thank you for playing along. Heck! It took me a month to muster up the words & about the same amount of time you did to actually *gasp* type them. Carl was appalled & asked me to hand over the computer more than once saying, “I could’ve written 40 random things about you by now & I can’t type worth a darn!”

    You’re phenomenal in every sense of the word & don’t go giving me any lip about it. 😛 I hope you see the beautiful person God & Goddess blessed me with as a friend. You’re a gift to all the lives you touch.

    I can’t believe we were both into paleontology at such young ages & way before it was ‘trendy’. How neat! As for the hair… Well, maybe you should ask him about the day I called him in tears asking him how much he loved me, if he liked purple, & well… What about ‘Barney’ purple? Yeah… Hysterical laughter while I bawled my eyes out because this was the last chance for my hair before the only remaining choice was to chop it since I’d done so much damage experimenting. The big meanie! *chuckles*

  2. MAPC says:

    Cari, there are not many people for whom I’d type out all this personal stuff. *grin* I just don’t like writing/talking about myself. I’d rather, say, strangle a zombie.

    Oh, and I have more than once suddenly gone pixie-cut when a hair experiment went awry. Good thing about hair — it generally grows!

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