A review of “Bob The Sequel (Bob The Zombie)” by Jaime Johnesee

This book is short – possibly a bit too short – and a boatload of fun.

If you haven’t read “Bob The Zombie,” you should. It’s not necessary to enjoy the sequel, but it’s certainly helpful. And fun.

Bob is a hapless young man who died in a tragic rose-trimming accident, was raised to zombie-hood by his grieving mother, who then couldn’t handle his actual zombie condition.

In the sequel, Bob has adjusted fairly well to his condition, and he’s found a horde (read: family and friends) to live with. We meet one of them, Face, and get to know him pretty well.

The plot (which, in keeping with my habit, I’ll not go into deeply) involves terrorists, double-crosses, supernatural politics, and intra-species relations.

Humour abounds. This book made me laugh out loud a half-dozen times and smile throughout.

Being the obsessive editor-type that I am, I cannot avoid remarking that there are a few (very few) rough patches. A couple of missing words. The occasional comma splice. The word “site” used when “sight” was intended. Did that dim my enjoyment? Nope.

One thing I would say is that the conclusion of the major plotline was a little . . . sketchy, maybe. I wanted a little more development of the big plot twist at the end.

I recommend this novella. Jaime Johnesee is a writer to keep your eye on.

Jaime has written three books so far in the Bob series:

Bob The Zombie

Bob The Sequel

Bob The Valentine

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