In Praise of Dogs


Photo credit: Dan Pegram

This handsome critter is my dog, Moses. He’s a Chow-Akita mix, about 80 pounds of ferocious cupcake. I named him Moses because we rescued him by pulling him out of a creek. (Not so much the River Nile, mind you, but close enough.) His little Chow legs make him look rather funny from this angle. Smile

He’s been a very good friend to me, my sons, and both of our cats. Not so much to our now-deceased dogs Boxer and Inky.

He loves to go for car rides, and he loves even more when the car ride ends at one of our city’s greenways. He loves to walk.

When I was well enough to hike, he was my companion in the woods. He would help me climb hills and steep trails I couldn’t quite make on my own.

Two or three times, he has discouraged people from coming into my house – people with bad intentions. Or at least, I think I can assume that from the time of night (the middle of same) and the assault on the front door rather than polite knocking.

Now, as I said, we rescued Moses. I keep up with the local animal control and their adoptable animals. A post on the Facebook page of an organisation that works with them to publicise and promote adoption saddened me. Apparently many of the strays and abandoned dogs know such commands as “sit,” “stay,” “shake hands.” These were someone’s pets. And if no one rescues/adopts them . . . well, you know what their fate will be.

So I’m going to say if you need or want an animal companion, consider checking out the local animal shelter, Humane Society, various rescues. Just know that you’re making a lifetime commitment to care for and love your companion.

As I type this, Moses is lying with his great, shaggy head on my foot. When he came into our house the first time, I could hold him in one hand. Now his head is putting my poor foot to sleep.

Dogs: gotta love ‘em.

Photo credit: Dan Pegram

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