A review of “Charmed Vengeance” by Suzanne Lazear


A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed the first book in this series, “Innocent Darkness.” I liked that book so much I immediately bought the second, “Charmed Vengeance.”

This book is not as filled with action as the first, but I certainly do not object to that. The action sequences are good. The character development is on display here, with growth and revelations aplenty.

The High Queen of The Otherworld has set Steven a challenge. He spends much of the book working to accomplish this quest. His brother James is along to help him.

Noli is on something of a quest of her own, working with her brother the air pirate we only heard about in the first book.

My own favourite character, Kevighn, is also on a journey of sorts. His fascination with Noli continues.

If you’ve read any of my reviews anywhere, you’ll know I don’t discuss plot in any depth at all. I will continue that policy here.

This is a worthy second novel in this series. It’s lots of fun. As I said earlier, character development is a priority in this one. We learn more about the characters as they grow and mature.

The first half of the book, unfortunately is riddled with small errors. Missing words, mostly. For example, from page three: “It was difficult not to sigh, even though she was used such comments by now.” The second half is much cleaner.  Because I’m a copy-editor, these little errors strike me more than they might most people.

Did I enjoy the book? Oh my, yes. I’ve already ordered the third book.

The themes and the writing as well as the characters are well-worth your time – even if, like me, you read very little Young Adult material.

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