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Twitter-brained Twittering

Twitter is an excellent promotional tool for writers (as well as others, such as, say athletes). We can promote new books, show potential and current readers bits of our personalities, win new friends. We can also put our feet so far into our mouths we chew off our knees.

Twitter-storms are ugly. They blow up in seconds. They don’t dissipate easily. They can make your life a misery.

Yes, freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. I support it. I suggest taking one second before you click “send” on an inflammatory email or a controversial tweet, however. The internet doesn’t forget and it seldom forgives. An angry tweet or email can come back to haunt you weeks, months, or even years later.

Take a deep breath and consider whether or not you really want that 140 character blast to represent you and your brand.

That old cliché about discretion and valor? It got to be a cliché for a reason.