Kai Viola’s New Book — 12 X 12 Guide to Social Media


One of the few things that people talk about, when talking about brand and social media is that it’s a minefield.  People talk about everything from being completely overwhelmed, to not knowing what to do with their profiles.  And so, I wrote 12 tutorials (and a couple of bonus exercises to help people.

Each tutorial contains an introduction, the ‘basics’, the exercise, and then a bit about what your ‘solution’ should be.  They’re not designed to be the be all and end all of each network, but they are designed to support you if you’re struggling, or aren’t sure that you’ve covered everything.

I’ve kept the price low so that you can enjoy the book without feeling like you’ve had to pay a fortune for just a couple of tips too – though I could have priced it higher, I feel $0.99 is the right price for this.

Launching on the 28th February, until it’s available, you can pre-order from my blog page at Warpaint Marketing.


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12×12 – Your social media Primer

Looking for support for Facebook, Twitter, Triberr?  How about G+?
This book covers everything that you need to know about the very basics of each network.  Exercises to give you a chance to try your learning out, hands on.
Each of the tutorials is designed to be as easy as possible to access.
Originally started a set of articles for a website, the tutorials have evolved into a go to guide to the simple, quick way to build an usable, safe profile online.


Kai Viola (

Kai Viola

Kai is a veteran online marketer.  She started in internet marketing, writing content for others, along with copywritten sales pages, then moved on to the indie writer’s community when KDP hit.  She’s been self-publishing since 2004 (mostly poetry), and has spent the last three years or so in the community, helping others with social media, writing tutorials and articles all over.

When not writing non-fiction, Kai’s planning novels, travelling for work and having a bit of an adventure in her life.  She’s the mother of two parents, owner and parent of two kittens, an artist and a dreamer.


As the book is about social media, you might want to follow Kai to find out some extra tips.  Below are the various places you can follow her – remember too that these count as entries in the giveaway!

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A Writer’s Pledge

Writers Code of Honor

I, as a professional writer who values my integrity, do solemnly swear that I shall

  1. Never write my own reviews, nor will I use sock puppets or other methods to falsely present my books as being of superior quality or to promote them over that of others.
  2. Never ask others to like/tag/review my book without reading it simply to ‘support other writers.’
  3. Never ask others to vote for my book without reading it in order to get a positive review or vote in order to have my book selected by an agent or publisher over that of other qualified writers.
  4. Never ask others to give another writer bad reviews in order to make my book appear better than that writer.
  5. Never attack a reviewer over a review for any reason. Negative reviews happen.
  6. Never use another’s post in order to promote my own book.
  7. Not advertise my books on sites that do not allow it, nor will I spam (advertise) endlessly. One post per day per site should be enough.
  8. Always read the rules on every site, and respect those rules as they have been laid out, without looking for loopholes.
  9. Agree to always treat other authors with respect and act in a professional manner.
    Mary Ann Peden-Coviello

* * * * * *


My own comment here: It’s rather a shame that other writers and I feel the need to state this so baldly. Every one of these points –- and every one is important – should be self-evident, fundamental, and not up for discussion.

But here it is. I think it’s a thoughtful pledge, not burdensome, not difficult to fulfill, not self-righteous. It could be summed up in the words said long ago and more honoured in the breach than in the observance since then: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


This is such a handy acronym. Kristen Lamb talks about it today in her excellent blog Kristen Lamb’s Blog and also in her also excellent book on blogging Are You There Blog? It’s Me Writer, but I’d like to expand on it.  She says she didn’t invent it either, so I don’t feel too guilty for swiping it from her, even though, you know attribution has been made. *grin*

Before you say something (or, you know, Twitter it or email it or Facebook it or whatever) take a moment – especially if you are angry or hurt – and both think and T.H.I.N.K.

Ask yourself if what you’re about to spray out onto the internet (or, of course into your Significant Other’s ear) is






Sometimes a particular communication might well be True, but not Necessary (at this moment) and certainly not Kind or Helpful.

Keeping this little acronym in mind would have kept Anthony Weiner from Tweeting his political into ashes. Well, maybe. It certainly would have saved a relationship or two I can think of.

Frankly, at times I don’t live up to my own standards here. I’m not a paragon of angelic perfection. But at least I try – well, after I’ve had my coffee. Don’t talk to me pre-caffeine. It’s not safe.



Twitter-brained Twittering

Twitter is an excellent promotional tool for writers (as well as others, such as, say athletes). We can promote new books, show potential and current readers bits of our personalities, win new friends. We can also put our feet so far into our mouths we chew off our knees.

Twitter-storms are ugly. They blow up in seconds. They don’t dissipate easily. They can make your life a misery.

Yes, freedom of speech is a wonderful thing. I support it. I suggest taking one second before you click “send” on an inflammatory email or a controversial tweet, however. The internet doesn’t forget and it seldom forgives. An angry tweet or email can come back to haunt you weeks, months, or even years later.

Take a deep breath and consider whether or not you really want that 140 character blast to represent you and your brand.

That old cliché about discretion and valor? It got to be a cliché for a reason.